Solve: Morpheus Agent Reporting Back but Instance Monitor Check is not running

If you have an instance VM running a Morpheus Agent that is successfully reporting back to Morpheus, but the Instance assigned Health Check (Monitor VM Check) is not running, then you may need to restart the Morpheus Agent service on the VM. On startup, the Morpheus Agent will register a monitor service based on the id of the check assigned to the Instance. If this check was missing when the agent was installed/started, then the monitor service will not know what check to report against. By restarting the agent you will allow it to re-start the monitor service, identify the check ID, and report into Morpheus against the check.

This was the solution for a customer facing this problem recently.

Many thanks!

I’ve also found a solution of triggering the agent upgrade on systems that are showing a gray/unknown status. Sometimes if you have an all down with Morpheus (say during a non-rolling upgrade) the LB doesn’t flush the connection correctly. Triggering either the restart (or an agent upgrade) will allow the status to update again.