Snapshot Tracking

Snapshot tracking to locate and assess them

Many organizations track their snapshots using various methods, from manual to custom scripts. If a tab or section could be added to individual clouds that support snapshots and maybe an aggregate under Operations > Guidance, which could add alerting or other ways to view that them for clean. Snapshots can be currently seen at the Instance and VM level but this would expose them more easily.

Using VMware as an example, there are some best practices many organizations follow. Specifically, the “Do not use a single snapshot for more than 72 hours” because of potential performance issues.
VMware Documentation

For AWS, there are costs associated with these snapshots, in addition to the sprawl.

Providing a way to flag these for admins or provide alerts to those that created them via Morpheus would be my Idea. Possibly a configurable soft/hard retention or guidance for snapshots and possibly a # of them.

For VMware, the snapshot is delta, the long it stay, the big it grow.
For our previous CMP, we only allow one snapshot per VM, and we only allow 5 days to be auto deleted.
We had some snapshot in vCenter for more than 180 days, it slow down VM, and took 2 hours to delete the snapshot.
VMware snapshot is not a full copy, it’s delta, which make it ready bad to be used after a few days