Setting to configure Morpheus as an "Offline" appliance

We have had multiple users ask for the ability to configure Morpheus as an “Offline” appliance via a setting. This setting will then tell Morpheus that it is not to attempt public endpoint actions as it is an offline environment.

For example, Morpheus will attempt a nightly terraform version sync but this will fail if there is no network connectivity to

It would be a nice-to-have functionality to turn off these actions by configuring Morpheus as an offline environment via a new setting.

What would be the impact to any/all public cloud functionality?

We also run a full offline environment. In this environment, it is logically not even possible to integrate a public cloud. The effects are therefore not noticeable at all for customers who consciously opt for this configuration.
The option could help to reduce unnecessary errors in the log.

I agree, but I know we have a few “offline” environments that are still expected to connect to certain “public” resources where there are defined internal routes/direct connects. It just has a bit of a ripple effect if it’s a global on/off.

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In our case, except for the private repos which are online, all other major websites are blocked in the firewall. So there should be a setting to provide the URL.