Disable 'Create Instance' Tagging?

Without creating Tagging Policies, disabling Morpheus user Tag Creation permissions in vCenter, or disabling Tag Syncing in Morpheus (by setting the API back in time to 6.0), can Tagging be removed from the ‘Create Instance’ Configuration Advanced Options?

Users being able to create their own tags is messy, users being able to set their own tags can have negative or unintended (or possibly intended, but unwanted by administrators) consequences. Setting a Tagging Policy seems like it would ‘require a tag’, when it may not necessarily be something we care to force the user to even think about.

At the same time, administrators need the ability for setting tags programmatically, so disabling tag syncing is a no go, and removing permissions in vCenter may just break things altogether.

So, is there a way to prevent users from setting their own tagging information in Create Instance/Configure/Advanced Options?

Hi @bxk5465

Currently your best options to keeping tagging enabled, but preventing users from populating would be:

  1. Create a Catalog item that references the instances. You have full control over what is displayed to a user
  2. Add instance type to Blueprint and have users deploy as applications. Blueprints allow you to lock or hide values
  3. You could also set a tagging policy strictly enforced that sets a key and option list of values if you still need users to define something.

Unfortunately, I don’t believe there is a way to customize the standard instance wizard at the moment.