Request for additional tier of tenancy

Please provide an additional tier of tenancy to allow multiple sets of master-subtenants in a single ‘super-master’.

Currently, each Morpheus Appliance supports a single Master, with multiple sub-tenants. So, an MSP can manage the master tenant, and provide their end-customers with one or more sub-tenants. But many of those end-customers would like to manage their own hierarchy and would like to have their own master and sub tenants. To provide this, the MSP has to have multiple Morpheus Appliances, which leads to additional costs of management, maintenance, etc.
If Morpheus had an additional tier of tenancy, an MSP could offer their end-customers a master tenant and sub tenants, but the MSP could still maintain overall control with a super-master tenant. This would reduce costs for the MSP by allowing all management, development and maintenance tasks to only be performed in a single Morpheus Appliance.

Just a note, this is really handled already with the usage of groups. Groups represent business groups / entities that need to access the environment.

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Are you a robot? @cbunge you beat me to the punch on this again lol

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I think groups represent cloud grouping, but in case we have customer workload running on same cloud that I do not find good way to separate/manage different type of workload managed by different customer business units for same customer.