Report Pack

Several new reports in this plugin. Many more planned - just a matter of time.

Wanted to wait for v1.0 Plugin SDK so this plugin is compatible with Morpheus 6.3.0 and upwards.

Implemented reports (focus on users)

  • 2FA Status Report
  • Account Locked Report
  • Account Disabled Report
  • Password Expired Report
  • Failed Login Attempts Report

This project is open source and contributions to improve and extend this report pack are welcome.

Hopefully also a good resource for those wishing to build or port their own reports for v1.0 SDK and Morpheus 6.3 and above too - there are some dependency and API changes that you’ll need to navigate


Added a “currently logged in users” report. Scoped to tenant. An additional master tenant only “appliance wide” report would be more useful - say the appliance has to be taken down for a non-rolling upgrade - but I wonder about data protection. Any thoughts?

FYI added a report which itemises Morpheus Agents in use. It lists Agent version and date it was last updated.

No new reports just yet, but made a page for the plugin here.