Reports Plugin - TENANT RESOURCE ALLOCATION ( Instance + Cluster Host )

The purpose of this report is to show current resource allocation per tenant. The report is designed to show total resource allocation (CPU, Storage and Memory) for Instances and Cluster Hosts in a single report. This report can be useful if you are using Morpheus policies such as ‘Max Cores, Max Storage and Max Memory’, as these policies will check the instances and cluster hosts when evaluating total resource count.

Required Morpheus Version : 6.2.5

Repo: morpheus-plugins/morpheus-reports-plugin-resource-allocation at main · wabbas-morpheus/morpheus-plugins · GitHub

Compiled jar file for Morpheus 6.2.5 : morpheus-plugins/morpheus-reports-plugin-resource-allocation/bin at main · wabbas-morpheus/morpheus-plugins · GitHub

When running the report from the master tenant, specify the subtenant id to scope the report to particular tenant.

Example Report


Are there any additional requirements needed to run this report?

Has it been tested to be compatible with newer releases?

The report has only been tested in 6.2.5 and uses the plugin api version 0.15.8. This may not work on the latest version (6.3.2) as the required plugin api version is 1.0.4.
There are no other requirements.