Regex validation & Enable Git repo caching

Hi Team,

In the form we are having the options to add the regex for the input fields. However, during the order if the regex does not match its throw the message with same regex condition which we put it in the field. Is there any way we can customize the message we know we can put it in the input field but if we made some customized message its looks better in terms of end user experience.

Enable git repo - It was unchecked, and the git repo was technically ‘cached’ on disk. I need to know if this is deleted after some time automatically.


If we have 100 users trying to add things into the cart, would it create 100 copies of the git repo on disk?

You might try CSS tricks to replace the text, but on inspection it would not be simple to target the html. This link shows the principles: Whitelabel Cheat Sheet - #17 by Ollie_Phillips

You may find that a later version of Morpheus improves the UX somewhat. For example in 7.0.3, I see leading text that states a pattern match is needed, not just the regex which is being used (as in your screenshot)

Thanks @Ollie_Phillips . As I checked both warning message and regex getting added into the help-block. It will be difficult to use CSS for this because it doesn’t have the unique id.

Not sure why regex also adding into the help-block. But as I standard if we are putting some regex, we need to show the message block which is meet the condition. It will enrich the UI experience.

Yes, that’s right. It’s possible to do things like nth child and the like, but I would maybe just add it as an idea in the ideas section of this forum.

It would be a good UX improvement to offer an additional field in the form configuration tool, which for each input allows a validation fail message to be set.