Provisioning instance with custom virtual image path

Hello Experts,

I added a local storage path using /tmp and enabled the default virtual image store. Then, I uploaded a virtual image (VHD for Hyper-V) to this local path (/tmp). I tried to provision the instance, and it failed.


Is there a way to define a custom image path for provision? The environment is HA with NFS storage. When we uploaded the image from the portal, it was stuck at 90%. That’s why we are looking to test with the local storage path (to identify the NFS issue or not).

or do we need to unmount NFS from Morpheus VMs and try to use local default path?


Have you set the group and owner permissions on the local /tmp folder?

According to the docs, they need to be morpheus-app:morpheus-app.

I’m not sure how this would behave in a HA env though, that would likely need to be an NFS mount just as the current location is. I guess it could be created on all three app servers and the image copied to all three locations just for testing purposes.

Thank you, @Ollie_Phillips :smiley: . Only Image folder and image were morpheus-app:morpheus-app.
I will test again with changing of /tmp folder owner, group permission and copy on all three servers.