Populate instance list and get the instance id (external)

We need the list of instance id (like externald in server list) to be used as backend for Cloudformation based catalog item.

Using Morpheus api /instances, shows the instance name but cannot get AWS instance id like i-xxxxx. I have tried Instances Wiki but it does not provided full instance list as well as InstanceId is number. Servers and Servers Wiki not provided the result as well.

Hi Ripon_Banik,

you can achieve it by using REST option list, please find the REST endpoint,

O/P :- servers.externalId

O/P :- instances.containerDetails.server.externalId


@vsenthilkarasu Thanks but it does not work as well, I am using typehead but it is not allowing me to select multiple servers as well -

  • Type AWS ALB Targets (typeahead) <%= customOptions.albtargets %>

Even when I select I server I am getting only the server name, not the external id,

Here is my Morpheus API query in the Option list -

if (input.cloudlist && input.grouplist) {
for (var x = 0; x < data.length; x++) {
results.push({name:data.name, value:data.externalId});

But it returns name, not the externalId.

you have mentioned as servers.externalId but it does not show any servers in typehead box at all.

Hi Ripon_Banik,

REST Option List sample below.
Translation Script:
for(var x=0;x <data.servers.length; x++){
results.push({name: data.servers.name,value: data.servers.externalId})

Request Script:
results=[{name: “zoneId”,value: input.vsClouds}]

for the typeahead option, please ensure “ALLOW MULTIPLE SELECTIONS” is checked.
The output would be “[i-0a8e257cc829972e5, i-00e8dfe5a1498dcd4]” if you select 2 AWS servers in typeahead.


@vsenthilkarasu Thanks. I am now able to get the severs, but it is not listing all the servers, so I modified the query as below but it is showing error:

query - https://xxx/api/servers?max=2200

error: Error Making HTTP Request for https://xxxx/api/servers?max=2200 - null

Also If I create two variables with the same option list to select server 1 and server 2, it does not populate data at all.

N.B. max=100 seems to work.