Pop up feature request while clicking on any virtual desktop

Case: Say that there are 3 “VDI Pools” in a “Tenant” (Pools: vdi_pool_win, vdi_pool_rhel, vdi_pool_dev ) and suppose a User needs to allocate a VDI from the vdi_pool_dev
using the “Virtual Desktop Persona” but then mistakenly clicks on vdi_pool_win the VDI gets allocated without any confirmation given to the user and the user cannot cancel the allocation.
It would be good if Morpheus could have a prompt “are you sure you need to allocate a VDI from this VDI Pool” to prevent this.

Move this to the Ideas section as this falls under requests for product enhancements.

How shall I move it ? Can you tell me please

Sorry meant to say “moved it” as in I already have :wink:

Thank you