Enterprise VDI Experience

Many customers are utilizing Morpheus for their automation and self-service [server] needs. Some folks may be unaware that many of these same concepts can apply to VDI.

Included are the documents I wrote around utilizing Morpheus VDI pools. There are persistent, ephemeral (and now RDS) pool types that can be presented to users within the VDI persona. Apply Enterprise group policy concepts such as roaming profiles, streamlined images, and shared folders and drives, allows users the ability to consume Morpheus hosted VDI easily and all within their browser!

Take a look. I’d be happy to elaborate on the full capabilities.

That is an excellent VDI Diagram that demonstrates the various scenarios this solution works!. Would be cool to show how the Gateways could be used in different geographic regions to keep latency low for those locales without scaling out more morpheus nodes.