Option - Enable Git Repo Caching - Ansible Integration

Got a question re <<Enable Git Repo Caching>> for Ansible integrations.  Does anyone know the answer to this question (emphasis mine)


The new option on Ansible Integration is “ENABLE GIT REPOSITORY CACHING”.  It says without turning on caching Morpheus will do a fetch every time it’s run.  Caching sounds like the right choice as limiting fetches from the git server would be good, but my question is how exactly does the caching work?  Does Morpheus check if a new commit has been made to the repo/branch and then do a fetch or is it on a schedule/timer?  For example, if I merge in changes to an ansible repository, will the next execution of that integration get those changes or will there potentially be a delay.

If you enable caching, you are putting a timer on your local copy, so it doesn’t grab the repo every time.

If it’s a small repo there’s no point in enabling caching unless you’re on dialup or something

Not true

Gitlab and azure dev ops throttles

Sometimes it helps minimize being throttled by those services

and that’s how you can tell I barely use those

Lol, morpheus does not check if the cache is not up to date it will impose a delay

Think it’s 5 minutes

Cool. Thanks gents.

@Ajay Garg does that give us what we need for Veritas?
"morpheus does not check if the cache is not up to date it will impose a delay" made sense to ya'll???

im still trying to decipher it

there is a nice lil help block on the setting too https://morpheusdata1.d.pr/SVp9Mf
It did to me -- but I'm not a dev 🙃 The way i read it is, "if i have caching enabled, then make a change in my repo at 2:01, and Morpheus doesn't synch until 2:05, will Morpheus consume the code that existed in the repo (and was synched) at 2:00?" Ergo a delay of "being able to use his updates" when provisioning via Morpheus.


Additional question, is the git repo caching TTL configurable? Or is that set to 5 mins via the code? It would be nice if it is configurable, because here is the use case, I have a repo onsite with my code, I want to have all automation sourced through the repo but if it goes down then all of my automation will start failing after the 5 min interval hits for the update. If I can set my TTL to a configurable amount, then I can adjust it for my git repo SLA ideally. Tks.

Not user configurable, but it is a good feature suggestion. Can you submit one from the portal please. Thanks.

Added that as an idea : User Configurable TTL value for caching in git repo inegration