Configuring Static IP with subnet mask/gateway and dns etc


Currently we have created a Catalog to provision a Windows VM ( Into a Vcentre) with DHCP / Static IP assignment.
The static IP assignment works fine with a field for IP address being available but is dependant on the network being setup in Morpheus with the required CIDR/Gateway/DNS/pools config applied etc.

Is there a way supply this information from inputs on a catalog to the configuration within the catalog? Instead of configuring on the network directly?

This is the config, based upon user selecting a list of either DHCP networks or Static ones.

“networkInterfaces”: [
“ipMode”: “<%= if (customOptions.input_vm_networkoptions == ‘NO’){customOptions.vm_input_ipMode} else {if (customOptions.input_vm_networkoptions == ‘YES’){customOptions.vm_input_ipMode2}} %>”,
“ipAddress”: “<%= customOptions.vm_input_ipaddress%>”,
“primaryInterface”: true,
“network”: {
“id”: “<%= if (customOptions.input_vm_networkoptions == ‘NO’){customOptions.parsedNetwork} else {if (customOptions.input_vm_networkoptions == ‘YES’){customOptions.parsedNetwork2}} %>”

Can you provide the sample code for static IP address and what type of field we need to pass for IP address