Morpheus Upgrade to 6.2.0

Hi Team

After upgrading single node morpheus appliance to 6.2.0, the Morpheus UI is not accessible. It is giving gasket error. Upon checking the sql logs, I can see below errors coming in. Also as per the release notes, I see the some other config has been added for embedded mysql. Do we have manually add these configs after upgrading.

SQL Errors:

Release Notes-


  • Added firewall['chain_input_policy'] configuration to morpheus.rb. When set to ‘DROP’, the chain input policy in the appliance iptable will be set to DROP following reconfigure 6.2.0
  • mysql: mysql['innodb_buffer_pool_size']. mysql['join_buffer_size'], mysql['read_buffer_size'], mysql['read_rnd_buffer_size'], mysql['sort_buffer_size'], and mysql['innodb_buffer_pool_instances'] added as morpheus.rb config options for embedded mysql configurations 6.2.0

Morpheus UI