Exporting the Morpheus-UI log

If you are troubleshooting a problem on Morpheus, the logs are a great place to look for information to understand the problem. An easy way to view the morpheus-ui log is through the browser. You can find it under Administration > Health > Morpheus Logs.
If you are talking to support, they will often ask for a copy of the logs, and indeed you can really help the process of troubleshooting by attaching the logs when you open a ticket, and there are instructions in the docs on where to find the logfiles. But, there is a great, almost hidden feature in the Log view in the browser.
Click on the gear icon on the right of the screen and there is an Export option. This will save the current logfile to your local machine and you can attach it directly to your case

This method is key for anyone running a multi-node setup. The nice thing is as long as ElasticSearch is functional the logs are being aggregated from ALL of your application nodes, and can be exported in a single place.

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