Morpheus Hub Event/Webhook For New Versions/Releases

Morpheus Hub Events/Webhooks For New Versions/Releases

We need support for configurable events/webhooks within Morpheus Hub to generate events when a new Morpheus Application Package (Standard/FIPS), Supplemental Package, and Worker Packages are available across all support versions. We need to be able to login into Morpheus Hub to configure these events/webhooks.

We’re currently relegated to notification emails and/or manual polling.

Example/Use case(s):

  • I login to Morpheus Hub.
  • I configure events/webhooks for my CI/CD platform, Slack, etc in Morpheus Hub.
  • New Morpheus version release triggers an event/webhook to send to my configured endpoint.

Naturally, we still prefer the webhook/event-driven approach…

Related, but not exactly event-driven, is an idea/recommendations to adjust the folder structure where downloads reside to include versioning and a latest folder and include (including the hashes)?

translates to



VDI Gateway/Worker:

(Conversely, versions first in the path if desired)