Get the latest Morpheus Agent version No. via API

Possibility to get the actual (latest) Morpheus Agent version No. via API

After longer time of Morpheus usage it might occurred that a lot of hosts contains the elder version of Agent and need to be upgraded. Unfortunately there is no possibility to query the Morpheus appliance getting the latest version of Morpheus agent to be used on hosts. This feature would be useful to set up automation invoking the API for Morpheus agent upgrade on connected hosts (both Linux and Windows platforms).

Example/Use case(s):

Unfortunately, I don’t have a vote to spare, but in principle I would also like to have such information. The Morpheus Agent upgrade process is often somewhat intransparent (no information on which version is being upgraded, no entry in the history, sometimes no timeout in case of problems).

As a first workaround you could try to read the information from the documentation (if this is possible in your environment).