Morpheus calling Ansible with --limit=(nameOfNewVm) killing ability to manage playbook delegations

Scenario: building a catalog item which will create a VM (sometimes more than one VM) and then kick off an Ansible workflow which has a number of delegated tasks inside the play.


  1. Create new VM
  2. Use Ansible automation to populate a new database against an existing MSSQL host, required for step 3
  3. Use Ansible automation to install and configure software in the new VM (which uses the DB in step 2)

After some amount of struggle, I’ve determined that when Morpheus kicks off an Ansible workflow as part of a “create a VM” catalog item, it’s adding the command-line argument of “–limit=(nameOfNewVm)”. This is killing any ability to do delegated tasks in the Ansible playbook, or to use add_host to manage inventory for plays in the playbook.

What are some strategies to get around this frustrating integration behavior?