Morpheus Administrator Certification

Hey folks,

Questions for the certified admins: how long did you use Morpheus or studied for before attempting the admin certification ? This is my second week using Morpheus including training and did some hands-on and deployed a single appliance, got a score of 76 but you need 80 to pass I think. Maybe I need more hands on or just go through my training material more…

I’ll wait it out and get better before re-attempting it, I don’t know if I should feel bad or what ?

If you’re only in your second week on the platform and just recently installed your first appliance, there’s no need at all to feel bad about a near-passing score (or any score, really). Keep working with the platform and review any training material you have for a while before attempting the exam again. You’re close, you can pass it.

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I second what Alex stated. I generally say around 90 days with hands-on experience is a good benchmark for attempting the first exam. So if you are almost passing within 2 weeks, I think you can get there with a little more learning. Asking questions here in the forum can go a long way as well.

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Hi @sjabro ,

I am working on Morpheus platform from 6 months. Now I am planning to give the Morpheus administration certification Exam. I need few guidance regarding the Exam questions.

1- How many questions are there ?
2 - Questions are MCQ type ?
3 - How many questions are there ?

Rakesh Gupta

@rakabhai ,

Apologies for the delayed reply.

  1. There are around 53 questions pulled randomly from a pool of over 150
  2. Most questions are multiple choice, but there are other question types as well
  3. See #1 :wink: