Logic behind actual calculation in budget

Hello Team,

Need help with following questions

• logic behind actual calculation in budget section

Lets say we have 50 million budget allocated to a tenant then how the actual billing will be calculated ? Is it related to instance provisioning based on selected service plan with specific price sets ?

• if actual surpassing budget, what happen by default? could we customize to control behavior if actual surpassing budget (IE: forbid any other instance deployment)

• can we create alert that send notification to telegram and email if actual cost almost reach budget?

Thank You
Suresh Thakur

Hello @suresh.thakur,

Budgets are one of the earlier features of Morpheus and it is currently based off pricing/price sets, which can be configured or default in Morpheus. There is planned work to support actual costs as well, if clouds are configured with the a costing configuration.

There are two parts to be aware of:

  • Operations > Costing > Budgets
  • Administration > Policies > Budget Policy

You can setup Budgets in the Operations > Costing > Budgets section to be able to review the budget and keep track of the progress, similar to a report.

More info on creating Budgets:

You can navigate to Administration > Policies and add a Budget Policy (does not require a budget configured) to prevent the creation of new resources if the amount will exceed the budget for the item being deployed. It can be set globally or it can be scoped, even down to particular users. Here is an example screenshot of the Budget Policy creation:

If I exceed my budget policy, I’ll get the following when deploying in Morpheus:

I’m already quite over my budget when I added it :slight_smile:

Here is more information on creating Policies:

There is not an alert currently for when a budget has been exceeded, if using a Budget to track your expense. However, you could create a task that uses the Budgets API to pull the data and alert that way.

Hope that helps!

It does help :slightly_smiling_face: Thank You.

Another follow up question: When we initiate deployment of instance then the price value which comes up has like 8 numbers after the decimal . Can this be customized to reduce it to 2 or 3 numbers post decimal ?

Hi Expert, need help also align with subject, because I couldnt figure out how to calculate row “actual”. I give an example below:
I create budget test on 2 march 2023 with scope of greenlake cloud, got the "Actual " value on march 23 = $276

meanwhile only two instance exists on this greenlake cloud: KVM-test01 $12/month and sam-test $33.5/month, if I calculate only $45.5/month

Could you help enlighten me, how to get logic behind “Actual” calculation?
Need detail to my customer whose plan to be cloud provider using mopheus, so need detail on budget, cost, etc. Thanks in advance.


Hello @suresh.thakur,

There is not a way to reduce the decimal count. However, you may want to make a support case about this, as it is set to two decimals for USD:

Some other currencies I checked have 4 decimals. I believe it is due to the conversion but I think 8 might be excessive :slight_smile:

Hello @samuelmorph,

In an earlier post in this tread, I mentioned the following:

The current budgets will show based on the prices but not the actual pricing, contrary to the label listed of Actual. Out plan is to ensure that if there is actual costing data configured for the clouds, those are used instead, so the logic will be more accurate. However, that work is underway but not available yet.