Minimum permission for a user to call API endpoint gettenant?

Hello there,

I am trying to perform a GET tenant via the public morpheus API but I am getting a 403:

  • user ‘u’ is from the tenant ‘x’
  • i am trying to get info about tenant ‘x’
  • I have a fresh API token of user ‘u’

Body of the API response is:
‘{“success”:false,“msg”:“You do not have permissions to access this api endpoint”}’

My question is: what are the required permissions for role of this user ‘u’ to access this endpoint ?

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I believe you will need to give ‘Read or Full’ Access to the ‘Tenant’ permission on the Tenant/User role. Please note that this will give the user access to see all tenants.

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Hey Wabbas, thanks for your reply.
It worked, It was just masked by the tenant_role of my subtenant, which was not allowed to read the tenant.
Thanks :slight_smile: