Layout "Nodes" Limited Selection

Unable to choose from more than 5 items selection in the Layout “Nodes” selection

When creating a layout, you can add Node Types to the Node input. However, only the first 5 results are shown, which limits the ability to choose the images you can choose from. You can name node types with a beginning character to place them higher in the list but that does not increase the limit. Additionally, some Node Types are System and the name cannot be edited via the UI, so these are inaccessible to use in Layouts. The workaround for system images is creating additional node types for the system ones and adding the system virtual image to it, ensuring the names are higher alphabetically.

If the limit of shown node types could be increased, the field being converted to a typeahead, or a way to match specific names using quotes/another mechanism.

See below trying to add a system node type of Ubuntu 20.04, for example:

Yes! This should be updated to the new(er) type ahead fields with the more/hamburger button