Kvm suse cluster

Currently, we are working on configuring SUSE’s KVM cluters. According to the document I checked, we are capable of performing, although at the moment Morpheus only support Centos and Ubuntu. How would I configure SUSE if I needed to? If I want to configure this technique for SUSE, what is the flow, since I’ve seen a few installation steps configured in the cluster layout? For this Layout, I am unable to see any copy options.

If I tried add new cluster I am getting the gasket error.

Any Update on the above request?


I am not sure how SUSE can be configured for KVM cluster deployment but adding a new KVM cluster in Morpheus is a known bug which will be fixed in the upcoming release.

I appreciate your response. Please let me know which Morpheus release this problem will be fixed in and if you can provide me an estimated release date.

Hi Team,

Is there any update on the above issue fix?

I believe this was fixed in 5.4.11-2. Are you on a higher version and still facing this issue?