Kvm suse cluster

Currently, we are working on configuring SUSE’s KVM cluters. According to the document I checked, we are capable of performing, although at the moment Morpheus only support Centos and Ubuntu. How would I configure SUSE if I needed to? If I want to configure this technique for SUSE, what is the flow, since I’ve seen a few installation steps configured in the cluster layout? For this Layout, I am unable to see any copy options.

If I tried add new cluster I am getting the gasket error.

Any Update on the above request?


I am not sure how SUSE can be configured for KVM cluster deployment but adding a new KVM cluster in Morpheus is a known bug which will be fixed in the upcoming release.

I appreciate your response. Please let me know which Morpheus release this problem will be fixed in and if you can provide me an estimated release date.