Kubernetes Storage issue

Created a Kubernetes Cluster with 3 workers and 80 Gig storage for each worker and Master. But Morpehus is complaning there is no space left, because Morpheus assigned 8gig only, is there any way i can increase the storage? or do we have any setting to increase the storage while creating the cluster? There is no Documentation on K8’s storage/Volumes in documentation.

Looks like you provisioned a deployment for mysql on that cluster. That’s all managed within the spec of your deployment. Volumes have PVs and PVCs which request the sizing the want. That is entirely a post process after creating the MKS.

Now when creating the MKS cluster, yes you can increase directly from there. You can also modify the hosts later as needed and attach more storage.

One option you could try (assuming dev), is hit the gear and edit spec:


This allows you to override the settings you defined in your deployment. You may have to adjust both the volume and the volume claim. Though the benefit of containers is being able to burn them down and recreate quickly with proper initial config.

Hi @cbunge

I have try to edit the Volume and Volume spec, but i am getting the below error,.

Also, when i create the cluster i assgined 80 GB per worker and master, it only showing 8 GB, and in the AWS cloud i see that this Ec2 have 80 GB assigned,

So that’s saying you have to redeploy your containers to expand the container volume as part of your deployment spec as your pvc and pv are non-editable once consumed.

As for the 80 GB per worker, that’s not volumes. Go to Nodes then click on the node you want the storage tab.