Is there any way to deal with serverless computing of various clouds or any recommendation to handle this?

Customers see a good coverage of VMs and containers and related infrastructure but also ask how the Morpheus Data Appliance would help with serverless computing. Amazon Lambda, IBM OpenWhisk, Google Functions and so on, is there any example or recommendation how to integrate these? What is the best approach, kind of an Instance, App Blueprint, and what details would lead to a result - is it via Terraform or a Plugin or CI/CD pipeline? Can the services be seen within the Morpheus Data Appliances as part of the marketplaces from the clouds? Like the AWS marketplace images for VMs, can we see AWS Lambda in adition?

Morpheus has some capabilities around AWS Lambda discovery. I believe there is an instance type for this purpose.

For FaaS provisioning, you would want to replicate the deployment process used outside morpheus inside. So, creating a terraform or vendor specific blueprint (ARM, Cloudformation) would be the approach. I imagine basic deployment also could be accomplished using bash tasks/workflows if the cloud’s cli tool was installed on the morpheus appliance,

Hi Ollie. I will take a deeper look, thank you for your hints and the concrete approach. That is definitely a starting point…


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