Trying to upgrade plugins

We just upgraded out Morpheas to 6.3.1, this means all our plugins are broke:

I have followed this guide and been able to comple new plugin jar files, but the new jar files are significantly smaller than the old ones. (23meg old vs 4.1 meg new)

if I compare the contents of the jar files, all of the groovy directories are missing.

does anyone have any experience with the plugin upgrades?

I did not write these plugins, I am just tasked with updating them. From what I have been able to to figure out they were last built with the Plugin API 0.12.7 and gradle 6.5.

what version of gradle (and groovy) are required to work with Morpheus 6.3.1?

Support just told me that gradle 8.x should be used for the Morpheus 6.3.1 plugins.

Did the gradle 8.x get you resolved? The docs should be properly updated to reflect such.

Some, we were able to get the plugins to re-compile. But apparently there were changes in the Morpheus JavaScript codes that is breaking our plugin’s JavaScript