How to sync virtual images from Azure Compute Gallery

By default, Morpheus will sync virtual images from the Azure Marketplace and these should be visible when you filter Library > Virtual Images by ‘Azure Marketplace’ and ‘Synced’.

To pull in images from an Azure Compute Gallery, extra steps need to be taken:

  1. Ensure that you have an Azure cloud set up in Morpheus
  2. In the Azure portal, navigate to Azure Compute Galleries > Select the gallery containing the virtual images you want to see in Morpheus
  3. Select the image definition > Access Control (IAM)
  4. Provide the Contributor role and then add the user you are currently logged in as under Members > Save
  5. Make sure that the cloud in Morpheus has the correct resource group selected from the dropdown in the Edit cloud modal (Infrastructure > Clouds > Select your Azure cloud > Edit)
  6. Select Refresh > Daily on the cloud in Morpheus and wait for the cloud sync to complete
  7. Navigate to Library > Virtual Images in Morpheus and filter by VHD and Synced

Hope this helps! :grin:

Hello Uthman,

We don’t see custom Image which is part of resource Group(RG)2 Subscription(SC)2. Admin of azure provided to APP reader access, which is connected to Morpheus in SC1. In Morpheus we see only RG1 and SC1

How we can see Custom IMAGE from RG2 SC2?

Hi All,
Is really the Contributer role needed or should reader work as well?

Hi :slight_smile:

It might be best if you raise a support case on this since we’ll need to collect screenshots and other information and it’s better to keep this information off the forum since the forum is public.

You can raise a support case at (you’ll need to log in to access the support portal). Please include the information outlined in this article:

I’ve just tested this again and ‘Reader’ also works so the steps above have been updated.

Thanks for the tip!

Will reader allow for the provisioning as well?

I think I’ll change the recommendation back to Contributor in line with the existing documentation on setting up an Azure cloud in Morpheus. If this is ever updated to a least privilege access model, I’ll update this post.