How to stop/abort a cloud sync?

Hi ALl

One of our cloud is syncling since last 2 days, is there any way we can abort the syncing operation?

Syncs should have a max timeout of 90 minutes. If there was a restart or something during the sync it could have locked the job. From the database you can delete the corresponding lock from table select * from distributed_lock;

DO we need to stop the UI to delete this?


That means, we dont need to stop UI rite?

No need to stop / restart UI

Thank you so Much!

@cbunge DO you happen to know where we need to check for longer cloud sync? some of our clouds are taking few hours to sync. and we are not able to see anything in the logs related to sync.


You might add debug level logs for the cloud which could give you more visibility in the logs. Depending on which type of cloud you may find the logback.xml config you need here

You are able to override the default sync time in settings. I would confirm that hasn’t been changed.

Additionally, global AWS clouds have a longer sync since we need to scan each region.