How to add a second IP to an Instance's server?

Hoping the collective will have some wisdom for me!

We need to add a second IP from the same IP Subnet/Pool to a Server in an Instance. Can anyone suggest how to go about it?

It needs to be returned when the server is deleted too…
And I would love to have a Task (to write notes out to an API tool for record keeping) kicked off as part of the process.

You need to do a Reconfigure. Then add your new nic to it. Now, if you have IP Override set on the network, even if it uses a Pool, you can “override” the IP that the Pool would normally choose. Personally I think this is dangerous because it kind of defeats the purpose of a Pool, which is to avoid duplicate IPs and collisions. But you can do it, and I do like that they allow it. What you can also do, is go into the Pool, and manually reserve an IP on that Pool. Then use the IP you manually reserved in the Pool, as your IP Override when you do the Reconfigure.

The Use Case for this (which I have run into) is a case where you want an IP at the end of your Pool Block, but the Pool will assign IPs consecutively from the beginning of the block. So it’s flexible enough to accomodate this, but you do need to be careful when you use IP Override on a network that as a Pool sitting on it.

When trying this, it will give an IP however it doesn’t do any configuration and the second IP isn’t returned on decommission.

adding a 2nd adaptor and using a Pool-assigned IP on it does not return the 2nd IP back to the pool when you deprovision the VM? that sounds like a bug to me.

Yeah. I’m mistaken of our issue and misread it. The issue we had was adding a 2nd IP to the same NIC. There’s no way to associate the 2nd IP with the new server without provisioning a new NIC. I did just test the IP return with a 2nd NIC and that is functioning.

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