How can I use this Option List for a Tag and Naming Policy?

Custom Options, for AWS EC2 instances, is there a way to display the Application as the Tag name rather than the abbreviation? The screen shot, shows the custom options for the Application Tags, then the 3-5 letter codes used as part of the Instance Name.

How can I display the full application name on a tag?

Right, because that Optionlist is passing the value of the abbreviation.  You could have the optionlist pass the full name (solves issue B), and then in the naming policy account for that and then create the abbreviation

Thanks Chris!

Similar to this example in our variables doc, create an if statement in the naming policy:

${customOptions.application == 'Breakfast' ? 'EGG':(customOptions.application == 'Lunch' ? 'CHIPS':(customOptions.application == 'Dinner' ? 'TACO':'BROKEN'))}

I think it’s something like that


@cbunge Can you point me to those docs? Are they a part of Options docs?

There’s a few naming policy examples there, including one that has an if statement about platform == windows

SON OF A …! Why couldn’t I find that in my searches…total ID10T error…thanks Chris!

its really just groovy, many more options than we can doc

and ill update docs but should use for example customOptions?.application in case that option type isnt scoped