How "AWS S3 Object Storage" price is being configured with S3 bucket

Hello Morpheus Community, I need quick help here.

Under Plan and Pricing I can see the option to configure price for S3 Object Storage as shown the attached screenshot. I would like to know how this will apply to S3 bucket created thru Morpheus ? Can we also show back consumption and cost for S3 bucket using this pricing ?

Can we also use this price setting for object store other than amazon that mimics the Amazon S3 APIs?

Thanks for your great support as always.

Piyush Jain

Hello @cbunge cbunge, Any idea about this, I need to respond to my customer ?

I believe we would need to add the generic ‘S3’ type. Taking a look at the other object storage options, they all have their own defined price point.

Would you mind capturing your need within the Ideas section of the forums? We review these internally and would be a great way to get that highlighted with the team.

Thanks Chris for your response. I have created a Idea here: