Health in UI does not show overall status of 3-HA Node Cluster - why not?

As far as I understand, the UI within a 3-HA Node shows the health of the node where I am logged in rather than the overall health of all three application servers. Since I mostly did not know on which node I am logged in, this does not help really and at least is also only 33.3% of the entire environment.

I know that the application servers do not communicate like RabbitMQ or ElasticSearch components directly with each other - but why can we not have health status in a table with three lines showing all three nodes in one UI? Is there any technical reason for that?

Thank you,

I believe we have a few more improvements on the roadmap that will allow for better multi-node awareness.

Hi Chris, good to hear and not really a showstopper so far. We are able to monitor the three application servers from outside and see the overall health state. It would be good to also see this from inside and that is what you can imagine already … curious, if we see this in any future release.

Enough for the current releases and only a question so far. Thank you!