Communication flow in 3 Nodes HA with Load Balancer

Hello Experts,

I would like to understand the communication flow of CMP 3 Nodes HA with third-party API endpoints to allow the necessary ports.
When we add vCenter API or third-party API in CMP 3 Nodes HA with Load Balancer, all traffic goes via LB only (vCenter or third-party API communicates back to LB VIP) or CMP application nodes.


Traffic out to the third-party will originate from one of the appliance nodes, but can be configured to use a proxy from inside Morpheus. Traffic back, say from a provisioned VM inside Vcenter is most relevant when the Morpheus Agent is installed, and this will go to the appliance URL by default - the LB VIP, or the URL which can be set for each cloud in the cloud settings.

Thank you.

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