Handshake failed due to invalid Upgrade header Websocket error

Dear Support,

I am encountering the following error while installing the Morpheus agent on the Linux instance:

2024-05-14_15:13:39.02486 15:13:39.024 [nioEventLoopGroup-2-2] ERROR com.morpheus.agent.websocket.StompClient - Failed to connect websocket: Invalid handshake response getStatus: 400

"Handshake failed due to invalid Upgrade header: null"

Please help to assist. Thank you in advance.


Is the appliance an all in one or HA solution. If the latter, it would be worth ensuring that any Load Balancer in front of the application servers supports, and is configured for, websockets.

You may be able to test if this the problem, by making the appliance IP/hostname for the cloud in which the Linux VM exists, one of the application nodes in place of the LB. Then creating a new VM which should have the agent configured to point at the new IP/hostname. Assuming that is possible.

I have a single-node Morpheus setup without a load balancer. I followed the steps outlined in the Morpheus documentation to install Morpheus on Debian. Here’s the link to the installation guide I followed: Morpheus Single Node Installation Guide for Debian.

Morpheus version: 7.0.1
server - ubuntu 22.04
RAM: 16 GB
CPU: 4
DiskL 200
Open Port:: 22, 8080, 5985, 443, 3389

Agent (Target server): Amazon Linux 2
Open port: 22, 9090, 443
Agent status: running with error

Please let me know if you need any more details.


Probably better to open a support case. Logs and other details will be needed in order to help troubleshoot this.