Filtering Processes API with Phrase field

I’m experimenting with using the processes API (described here to monitor activity within my team’s environment. I have tried to manipulate the returned information with the field “phrase” which is described as having the effect of: “Search phrase for partial matches on name or description.” However, I cannot make out any logical pattern to how this field impacts the results of my query.

It does clearly change the results. The query return is definitely changing as I edit my input to the phrase field. But there isn’t any clear link between what I put in, and what I’m getting back out. Even feeding the field names or descriptions from the baseline unmodified return does not the entries that I took that sample name/description from.

Is there something I am fundamentally misunderstanding about how the field works?


After doing some testing myself, I checked internally. These are the fields that get filtered/searched on when using the phrase query parameter:


We’ll look at getting the documentation to reflect the same. Hope that helps!

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Thanks @kgawronski

While not quite the answer I was hoping for (the useful information I need to filter on is in the description field), it’s reassuring to know exactly what is happening. I didn’t check all the fields, but a few tests do seem to confirm what you said.

If you do know of a query parameter that does filter on description, that would be enormously helpful!

In any case, I’d call this call this question answered.

@NORRIM08, glad to hear it help!

However, I don’t see a parameter in the documentation that would filter on description. You would probably need to use the parameters available to scope it as close as possible and then use the language you are working in to search specifics in the description.

That said, you can add an Idea on the forums here to expand the capability of this endpoint.