Exclude Discovered Instances

Hi Experts,

We have a customer requirement where we want to exclude a few VMs (Databricks VMs hosted on Azure Cloud) discovery as we do not want to count them in the license. However we know that we can delete the discovered VMs from Morpheus but it will get discovered again wit h “Inventory Existing Instances” enabled on the cloud.

Is there any other mechanism that we can try ? We want to keep the inventory on but remove certain VMs from Discovery.

One option may be to scope the cloud to a resource group and move the VMs and their associated resources to another resource group in Azure - which would prevent their discovery. I believe it is also possible to move resources to a different subscription which would achieve the same thing.

Another option might be to configure granular inventorying, per-resource pool. This would require moving the Databricks VMs to their own Resource Pool but might be a viable workaround.

At Infrastructure > Compute > [Pools] (or at Infrastructure > %cloud% > [Resources] > Pools) you can edit a discreet resource pool and enable or disable inventorying for the specific resource pool.


That’s a feature I just learned about! Thanks @btrapier !!

Thank you @btrapier .