Enable primary DNS suffix in Windows, nameserver in Linux


Can I know which spec I can update in the Instance config spec using the Configuration Phase of Provisioning Workflows to set the Primary DNS suffix in Windows and same for Linux to add the name server in /etc/resolv

Hello @achettri,

If setting Search Domains in Morpheus, you set those on the Network level, as referenced in the link. This means that the networkInterfaces need to be updated in the Configuration phase. These are the items I would update, to ensure all of them reference the same in the spec:


Here is an example snippet of what I see for my configured network:

"networkInterfaces": [
        "id": "network-2",
        "network": {
          "id": 2,
          "group": null,
          "subnet": null,
          "dhcpServer": true,
          "name": "VLAN100-Servers-DHCP",
          "pool": null
        "ipAddress": null,
        "networkInterfaceTypeId": 4,
        "ipMode": ""

Hope that helps!

Hello @kgawronski

Thank you so much for your reference with the network interface I don’t see any possible config-spec for the primary DNS suffix

when I do ipconfig /all

I don’t see the highlighted line (for reference) and this value would be dynamic



Just curious, what is the reasoning behind using the config phase?

I’m guessing you need custom logic to decide what search domain to set? Wouldn’t it be easier/more reliable to have a task in the provisioning phase that sets this?

Personally, I always recommend staying away from the config phase whenever possible.

Hi @achettri,

I did a test to confirm. The search domains come from two places, both are dynamic from options chosen in Morpheus, which can have the values configured. There is not a direct setting/field/line that you can edit in the configuration phase to change these specifically. The two places can be:

  1. Configuring a Domain in Morpheus to join your Windows servers to
  2. Configuring the Search Domains on the network and ensuring that if is a static IP selected

:exclamation: Note that for #2 to apply, you still need to join the domain, so Morpheus will inject the additional suffixes

:exclamation: The primary DNS suffix will only be configured by Morpheus if you have selected a Windows domain to join to during the provisioning. For example:

To also echo @Tyler_Boyd’s comments, if you can avoid the configuration phase, that is preferrable, unless there are changes you need to make at the provision time. This case might not be one of the times you use the configuration phase, since it is not an item that is directly configurable. If you will not be joining these to the domain using Morpheus, you could create a provision task that will add/modify the suffix, assuming the instance deployed can reach Morpheus with out it.

If you continue to have difficulties or have questions to get more in-depth guidance, I’d recommend contacting your account manager to setup a meeting with a Morpheus Technical Advisor, if you have tokens available.

Hope that helps!

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