Display Request completion status in Order history Tab

End Users who are submitting a request for Day-1 provisioning like RHEL/Windows servers start use the machine immediately when they server name in Order history tab.

Few users have mentioned that they thought Order complete is equal to completion of the deployment itself.

Order completion in order history tab is creating a confusion, causing users to start using a half-deployed machine which is not fully qualified with all the integrations and security enforcements.

Additional note: Failure status in order history appear after a complete process is done which in taking 30 minutes minimum in our environment considering our lifecycle workflows. So, end user tends to use the machine immediately after it gets populated, however at a later stage same server may have failed in some integration.

Not a complete solution, but how about using some CSS to alter the semantics slightly?

This snippet will replace “Complete” with “Submitted”, which may assist in managing user expectations. You can then rely on the provisioning notification emails to confirm when the VM is available to the user

	Catalog Order History 
	replace "Complete" with "Submitted"

dl.order-details dd.complete {
	text-indent: -9999px;
  	line-height: 0; 

dl.order-details dd.complete::after {
	content: "Submitted"; 
	display: block;
	line-height: initial;
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@Venkat does @Ollie_Phillips 's CSS close this ask?