Couple VM status and workflow progression


We execute a generic ‘Restart’ task in the middle of our Provisioning workflow (forcing policy to be applied coming back online from a reboot after being domain joined in the previous task)


We’re not able to postpone the reboot, so it’s a requirement this gets executed during the phase. We’re noticing that because of the reboot, Morpheus see’s the VM coming back online in a healthy state and updates that instance’s state accordingly even though the Provisioning phase is still working through the remaining tasks.

So it appears to our users as a fully provisioned from an Instance View, however it’s still in progress.

Currently, workflow progression and VM status are decoupled so this result is expected. We’re wondering about coupling these two things (when initial Provisioning workflow is taking place) so the VM’s status still reflects as in progress to our end users.

Thank you!!

Interesting. Now I’m curious what my RDS workflow shows.

Out of curiosity, is there reasoning to not use the OOB domain join? Obviously, would still like the state to not adjust but curious if there are limitations to that as well.

@Klaas_Derek I’m told that should/could be submitted via the support portal for engineering to address. There is a state change on reboot in Morpheus and it probably needs to be modified to ignore during the phases of execution to still render the provisioning icon.

Hi Chris! We actually haven’t looked into any of the OOB domain join features yet. I’m not sure if we have a limitation there. We have an external process handle it for the Linux side of the house so we never considered it for our Windows workloads.

We will absolutely look at the OOB domain features if it saves us a task in the workflow

(Not to name drop haha) But I asked for Bryce Tapier’s opinion about whether to start as an idea or case with support and he guided me here to see if it can get some votes and discussion around this.

No worries :slight_smile: I saw this and discussed with my engineering team (cheat code) and they mentioned it should / could be addressed without the need for votes :stuck_out_tongue:

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Amazing :joy:

I’ll get this submitted to support and we’ll get it taken care of there. Thanks so much, Chris!

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