Deliver function to show all currently logged in users

We need a build-in function to show all currently logged in users with one click in the UI or one GET from the REST API.

In case of several emergency situations, we need to inform users who are logged in at the Morpheus Data Appliance directly. Imagine there are cyber attacks to the operating system and we need to shutdown the system as fast as possible - we could create a user list with one click and use this elsewhere, but we do not want to wait until everyone read the Message Of The Day. Also, what if the attacker is logged in to the Appliance and about to stop hundreds of VMs at once. We would like to find out about unusual users with one click. Even for non-emergency we can use such a function to analyze the current usage of the Appliance. So please provide a build-in function within the UI as well as REST API to see the current logged in users with the appropriate information.

Example/Use case(s):
In case the administrator of the Morpheus Data Appliance needs to find out who is currently logged in, he needs a build-in function to get that information very quick. That can be necessary in emergency situations, situations where you need to go out to every single relevant user or when you simply want to analyze the current usage on the Appliance.