Cohesity Backup provider Integration

Hello Experts,

Last time I heard that Cohesity is working towards developing backup plug-in to integrate with Morpheus. I would like to know is there any update about Cohesity backup integration with Morpheus and any timelines for the same.

Piyush Jain

Backup plugins are reliant on the backup plugin architecture to be available within the Morpheus framework. I believe we’re close with having that portion ready, and will release as part of normal Morpheus updates.

After that, any additional plugins can be built and I believe Cohesity was a target use case example.

Thanks Chris. Noted, will wait for backup plugin architecture and Cohesity example to be available.

@cbunge is there any further update on Cohesity backup plugin example ?

Still on the roadmap but backlogged a little bit due to other engineering items.

Noted with Thanks. Please keep me posted here, once you have any update on this.