Can you move an instance from one cloud to another in Morpheus?

I created this new Sandbox cloud, which points to a Sandbox resource pool. I put a Cloud policy on this cloud which will start enforcing some expiration extension policies. I was wondering if it is possible to move a couple of instances that were formerly deployed on the legacy cloud, to this cloud, so that I can start getting these folks to extend their VMs with this new policy. But I don’t see a way to move an instance from one cloud to another. Is this possible?

you may want to check out the post on the new change cloud feature. Introducing Morpheus Change Cloud Functionality

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We have Change Cloud functionality on 5.4.9 LTS now, it’s coming soon to 5.5.2 standard. Take a look at my demo that @rboyd linked above and see if it will work for your need.

hmmm. I will have to maybe try it out. In the video, a “target” VM has been stood up in the target cloud.

The use case I have, is that I have a VM that was stood up by one of our groups. If I go into vCenter and drag that VM from the PoC Resource Pool (POC cloud) into the Sandbox Resource Pool (SBOX cloud - which has an expiration policy on it), I would like to be able to tell Morpheus that the VM is not in the POC cloud anymore, but to assign it the SBOX cloud. I don’t need Morpheus to reassign it necessarily, I just want to “correct” it. But without standing up a new VM, because I can’t stand up another VM for that group as I have no idea what they did to get it up and configured.

A target VM is not required. You can use Change Cloud on a VM record and select a Cloud but not select a target VM.