Can Morpheus enable 2FA in disconnected environment?

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Can Morpheus enable and use 2FA in the disconnected environment (no internet access)?

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Yes, the 2FA technology isn’t dependent on outbound internet connectivity.

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What MFA applications does Morpheus currently support ? In the documentation, User Settings — Morpheus Docs documentation
only google authenticator and Authy are mentioned. Any MFA other app supported and checking if they support “logintc”.

My understanding is that the protocol which supports 2FA is a standard implemented in all these apps. That’s said, that’s beyond my knowledge so you would need to test support in your preferred app.

I can tell you that the 2FA setup is established using a QR code on the user account in Morpheus. So any app must be able to read the code as part of the setup.

We are using Microsoft Authenticator in an offline environment without any problems. I also think that the procedure is now fairly standardised and a whole range of apps should theoretically work. However, I have never created a list.

@Ollie_Phillips - We have a customer who wants to use Microsoft authenticator for MFA setup for Morpheus, I believe it is supported ? Azure AD will be the identity source integrated with Morpheus.

@ranujain Since they are using Azure AD (Entra ID) they would not use Morpheus 2FA. We would send the user over to Microsoft to authenticate where they would use their 2FA if their account requires it. Once they authenticate they would be sent back to Morpheus and be signed in.

I use the Google Authenticator successfully with the same offline environment. This works really good from configuration to usage.