Azure Storage Account creation

Hi Morpheus experts,

Does Morpheus support to create new Azure Storage account?

Thank you.

Yes, you can create it under Infrastructure > Storage > Buckets > +ADD > Azure

Can refer to this link: Storage — Morpheus Docs documentation

Hello @dgaharwar ,

Thank you so much for your swift response.

But I mean to create a new storage account not just storage bucket. In buckets creation, seems it needs to input the existing storage account information?

Kindly let me know if my understanding was wrong.

Morpheus does not natively create storage accounts, but could easily be added as a catalog item for users to order.

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Hello @cbunge ,

Thank you so much for reply.
Could you please guide us how to create service catalog to create storage account?

Thank you,

There’s most likely common IaC code readily available on the internet that can be consumed in a Morpheus catalog. If you are looking for assistance, you can reach out to your account team to engage paid services.

Hello @cbunge ,

Oh, you mean using terraform blueprint or ARM template.
Ok, got your point.
Thank you so much for your advice.

Yep! You can use TF/ARM, or for some simple items I just utilize shell calls to the Azure SDK natively