Azure SQL instance view

Would like to see an instance view/type that is Azure SQL, where one can get info similar to what you can get in the azure portal.

Azure SQL server should be the instance and it should have info/tabs:

  • Network info
  • Backups (with the option to restore similar to functionality in azure portal)
  • SQL Elastic pools
  • Failover groups
  • Metrics/monitoring
  • SQL Databases: should show all databases on this az sql server, this should also show Properties info pr database either in the instance DB tab or when clicking on the database (since they can be different):
    -vCores/DTU (pricing/service tier)
    -Compute tier (if vcore)
    -compute hardware (if vcore)
    -max data size
    -Backup info (backup storage redudancy, retention etc…)

Example/Use case(s):
For offering Azure SQL server/database via morpheus data/portal