Approval Workflow before people can launch RHEL images

As the RHEL instances are subject to licensing, I am exploring whether i can (easily) force people to get an approval (i.e. from our team) before they can launch those. Is anyone doing this kind of thing?

Usually we see customers using dedicated clusters (on-prem) that have RHEL licensing. Then an approval can be enforced at the cloud level. There are other levels we could scope, but your next best fit would probably be a RHEL group for users.

The way the legacy platform was handling RHEL, was that VRA would, when the VM was launched, run a script that would register the VM to satellite (and unregister it when deleted). I have replicated this approach on the current Morpheus-managed platform we use. But, if I give a group access to the instance type, they can shoot out x number of copies, when their department may not have a budget for all those licenses. So this is why I am scrambling for a solution.

I don’t really like the RHEL group idea, as it isn’t clean. And, doing it at cloud level isn’t either, really. It needs to be factored into the instance type I think (or Layout maybe), where, when they click the instance type, it goes into a queue that pends approval based on whether they have the dinero to buy the instance or not.