Approval Reports

I am looking for a way to report on apps / blueprints that have been provisioned and who the approver was within the system.

Is there anyway to report or a timeline for a feature update?

Give me a bit - looking to see if i can create a custom report for you on this one.

@mccaugheyj - i don’t know if this is exactly what you are looking for.
The plugin provides a couple reports under the category “Basic Reports”. ( i do mean basic). It will create a report for approved and denied instances at the moment. There is one gotcha - on the ones approved by service now it doesn’t show the approved by need to do a little more testing with that side of the house.

Its not a flashy report - but we can look at adding that curb appeal if this might work for what you are looking for.

I have only tested it on morpheus 5.4.6 and above. I do know on 5.4.3 and below - it makes the UI a bit angry. I have not tested this on the 5.5.x branches yet.