Any way to disable the Disk size expansion only warning in morpheus-cli?

Just a quick one, in the Morpheus CLI, is there a way to display the following banner warning during an instances resize?

“Due to limitations by most Guest Operating Systems, Disk sizes can only be expanded and not reduced.
If a smaller plan is selected, memory and CPU (if relevant) will be reduced but storage will not.”

Instead of using the API, I was just going to capture the JSON output from a morpheus-cli call and work off of that but the banner messing with the JSON capture output. I was hoping there was a flag to just disable that and keep the JSON output (-q works the opposite and gets rid of the JSON output but keeps the warning banner) so I didn’t have to take the step of stripping that out of the capture result info.


Well, easy enough workaround is just to pipe the output to “Select -skip 3 | ConvertFrom-Json” so I’m good, but if there is another way with the CLI and anyone knows it and could tell me, that’d be great too!