Add more of the 'Advanced' fields to the form builder

Add more of the “Advanced” instance options to the form builder

The form builder provides many fields and options, and overall is well on its away to being really useful. Unfortunately, there some fields from that Instance provisioning area that don’t appear to be options within the Form Builder such as “Domains”. The Form Builder has the Networks selection option, but is lacking the Domain option.

Example/Use case(s):
For an example, we use the “Domain” option as a way to specify a DNS domain for the FQDN/actual DNS, and also for AD joins on Windows systems. A unit has access to a Domain or Domains, all pointing to an AD setup, just differing OU Paths depending on selection.
Without the Domain option, this makes the Form Builder miss some fields that would be required to utilize this feature.

I do agree it would be nice if there were more pre-built option lists but I will point out you can create custom option list and custom logic to meet your needs with forms.

For your domain example to create an option list to grab all available domains you could do the following:

Under Library > options create a new option list
• Type: REST
• Source URL: https:///api/networks/domains
• Creds: Take advantage of OAuth 2.0 to automatically grab new auth tokens. (Infrastructure > Trust > credentials)
• Translation script: The translation script is JS so you could do more filtering if needed.

	for(var x=0;x < data.networkDomains.length; x++) {
	  results.push({name: data.networkDomains[x].name,value:data.networkDomains[x].id});
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I haven’t had too many free cycles to play around with the information in your reply yet, so hoping to get a bit more insight here before I try.

Will this return only the domains/networks the Group the user selected to build under in the domains list?
Right now, during instance provisioning in the Advanced area, only the “Domains” the group has permissions to display, and we take advantage of that to join Windows systems to a specific OU setup with in each “Domain” presented/setup for the group.

Not being well versed in the JavaScript area (more python here), I didn’t know if that’s something we’d have to figure out all of the logistics of in the JavaScript code to make a Blueprint “Domains” option behave like the Instance build flow. I’d also assume the data.networkDomains value would be populated into the instance config json so the build process uses the domain join user name, pass, and OU information setup in the Infrastructure → Networks → Domains area?


– Ron